PyGRAZ ist eine Usergroup mit die Python-Programmiersprache in Graz. Wir treffen uns regelmässig am ersten Dienstag im Monat entweder im realraum oder im Gösserbräu.

Meetup vom 5. November 2019 um 19:00 Uhr

In November, Christoph Reiter is going to present his English talk on filesystem paths. Join the talk and the followup discussion!


The Missing Filesystem Path Type

von Christoph Reiter

This talk is all about filesystem paths. How are they defined, what's their encoding, what are their limits? How does Python translate them to and from Python objects even though they don't have to be encoded properly? Which types do they have and is there a difference between bytes, str/unicode and pathlib.Path?

Operating systems moved to Unicode over the last 20 years and so did Python with the introduction of the unicode type and the move to Python 3. How have things changed/improved over time in both worlds and what do you have to watch out for when writing cross platform Python code.


Location: Realraum

Brockmanngasse 15 - 8010 Graz

realraum - Verein für Technik in Kultur und Gesellschaft
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