PyGRAZ ist eine Usergroup mit die Python-Programmiersprache in Graz. Wir treffen uns regelmässig am ersten Dienstag im Monat entweder im realraum oder im Gösserbräu.

Meetup vom 7. Februar 2023 um 19:00 Uhr


Introduction to digital typesetting and the typho project

von Lukas Prokop

In this talk, I want to talk about my main subject of interest right now. Digital typesetting is the process of generating documents for visual consumption by humans and machines. Several technical solutions exist from Microsoft Word to LaTeχ. In this talk I would like to give you an overview about current approaches and my aspirations.

We are going to talk about markup languages, data serialization format, media formats, lexing & parsing, hyphenation & justification, writing systems & languages and output formats like PDF and EPUB. Honestly, the amount of python is limited to 5%, but the algorithms are language-independent anyways.

I plan a 1.5h talk, but please stop me if I get too enthusiastic.

Location: Krebsenkeller

Sackstraße 12, 8010 Graz

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