PyGRAZ ist eine Usergroup mit die Python-Programmiersprache in Graz. Wir treffen uns regelmässig am ersten Dienstag im Monat entweder im realraum oder im Gösserbräu.

Meetup vom 7. November 2023 um 19:00 Uhr

Lightning Talks!

Make a short presentation about a python topic of your choice. (typically 5 to 10 minutes).

Did you find a helpful Python package? Did you see an interesting talk at a conference and want to summarize for others? Did you learn about a nifty tool that simplifies Python development? Got anything new you want to talk about ...

Of course you can also join without an own talk ;-)

We are thankful and happy to be back at the realraum this time!


Lightnig Talks

von vielen!

Quicknotes ... Slides might follow

Dorian: edvart (, jupyter-ai (, jupyter-yed (, jupyter-ipdatagrid (

Sebastian : encab (

Christoph : katwarn ( (mentioned : folio, jadx)

Location: Realraum

Brockmanngasse 15 - 8010 Graz

realraum - Verein für Technik in Kultur und Gesellschaft
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