PyGRAZ ist eine Usergroup mit die Python-Programmiersprache in Graz. Wir treffen uns regelmässig am ersten Dienstag im Monat entweder im realraum oder im Gösserbräu.

Session: IAIK JCE with Jython

von Lukas Prokop

Diese Session wurde am 4. November 2014 gehalten.

In this lightning talk I am going to briefly present Jython and more importantly present small snippets how the IAIK JCE can be used as an alternative security provider in Jython. In the summer I have been working with the IAIK JCE in Java. The Java JCA provides a mechanism for algorithm extensibility and implementation independence [0]. In python we are more or less bound to hashlib [1]. Do you trust the Python Software Foundation?

Language: Deutsch or English (on request) Slides available on [2]

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