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Session: An introduction to Formal Verification

von Lukas Prokop

Diese Session wurde am 3. Mai 2016 gehalten.

Subtitled "A non-introduction to my master thesis"

From May 2015 to May 2016 I am working on my master thesis. As part of that project I am writing software to verify whether a certain state can occur within a computation. This is also the basic goal of Formal Verification; a research area where source code is verified for correctness.

The subtitle uses the word "non-introduction" because my master thesis itself is about differential cryptanalysis, which I won't cover in the talk. I will only cover practical parts of my master thesis which will give us a basic understanding of primitives in Formal Verification.

Let's be more specific: In this talk I will discuss a few python libraries for SAT solving (I wrote) and finally introduce a package modeling bitvectors which can be used to describe computed values symbolically.

Language: German or English (on demand)

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